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Cahuide B-5 Sta. Ursula, Wanchaq - Cusco

+51 984 700114 / +51 984 001512

E-mail: tours@cuscoyah.com

Reserve Policy

Reservation Policies
Every reservation must be confirmed through our email address:  tours@cuscoyah.com .  We will establish contact by telephone or email in order to coordinate details.  When applying the following types of information may be required:
- Complete name of traveller(s)
- Identification Document number(passport, etc..)
- Nation of origin and preferred language
- Date of arrival and departure in Cusco
- Telephone number where you may be reached(for passenger pick-up)
- Code and type of travel package selected)
- Any manner of health, physical or mental restrictions
- Any type of additional service desired not included in our package
- Name/telephone of your hotel/accomodation
- Airline flight/bus details in the event we will be collecting you upon arrival in Cusco
Upon confirmation of your reservation we will require payment of 50% of the total amount of the service price for the services selected.
- Option 1
By Check:
- Account No:
- Payable to:  Tours@Cuscoyah.com
- Routing No:
Option 2:
Checking Acct en Soles – Banco de Credito del Peru
- No:
- Payable to:  Tours@Cuscoyah.com
- Routing No.:
 – The balance will be required before your arrival.  Payments will be confirmed by email or bank operation number.
- CuscoYah is responsible for complying with the intinery described in the tourist packet including all ther services described therein.  We are not responsible for interruptions in service which are beyond our control for reasons such as weather, or political or social issues, etc….
- CuscoYah is committed to providing and ensuring a level of service that you will lead to %100 customer satisfaction.
- CuscoYah reserves the right to change the intinerary for justifiable reasons that are considered necessary.  We will always operate with the best interests and satisfaction of the customer in mind.
- CuscoYah is not responsible for any personal or professional property of the client.
                                                          Taxes, Fees, etc…
- All taxes and or applicable fees are included in the price quoted for the package selected.
- Considered to be ages 3-9.  They will be eligible for a 10% discount off the standard rate with no reduction or change in service.
- For infants 1-2 years who may sleep with their parents, they will be subject to an additional surcharge and may vary depending upon the policies of the lodging selected