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Tour in Lima

City, Temples and Museums


1. Modern Lima

Modern Lima is a mix of architectural styles and beautiful gardens and avenues, especially in neighborhoods like Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro, commercial districts with excellent shops, bookstores, art galleries, bars, clubs and restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Large plazas and churches of colonial Lima and modern districts make this city look impressive.

2. Colonial Lima

The main square is the true center of the city, where you’ll find three of the most important buildings of colonial times: the Cathedral, the Palace of Viceroys (presently known as the Government Palace), the House of Pizarro and the Municipality. The Cathedral occupies the same place where the original building was raised in 1555, the current one was rebuilt under the direction of Jesuit priest Juan Rehr, after the earthquake of 1746. Its facade and interior are austere, highlighting the choir stalls, altars and the tomb of conqueror Francisco Pizarro. Torre Tagle Palace is one of the architectural monuments, that has left the colony in Lima. What most stands out is its sheer beauty, a classic construction of the luxurious Limean viceregal architecture of the early XVII century. With its asymmetrical facade, its elaborated stone and two beautiful balconies of Moorish style wood carvings, that adorn the second floor.

3. Peru’s Gold Museum

Lima has some of the best museums in all Latin America. The Gold Museum, one of the largest private collections in the world, shows an extraordinary series of works of art in gold, silver and copper. Pre-Columbian goldsmiths made by innovators, ranging from the Paracas cultures to the Inca. The museum also has a collection of worldwide antique firearms.

4. Larco Herrera Museum

Larco Herrera Museum is the largest private collection of Peruvian pre-Columbian art that exists in the world. Comprising about 45,000 pieces of gold and silver, ceramics, textiles, stone, wood, with unique pieces in each material. The museum is famous for its splendid collection of erotic Moche ceramics and has a treasure room, guarding metalwork as the only complete gold pectoral of a Chimu chief.

5. Pachacamac

The temple of Pachacamac, who was believed to be the creator of the universe and divinity worshiped by the ancient civilization of the Andes, is a place of splendid architecture. In sacred ceremonies and dating from the beginnings of Christianity where thousands of pilgrims appointment to pay tribute and consult the Pachacamac oracle, who could see the past, the future and destiny of mankind are given. The site comprises pyramidal temples and enclosures, built by the pre Incas Columbian civilizations. Obviously it includes the Temple of Pachacamac, the Sun God shrine and the palace of the women, chosen as Virgin del Sol. There is an idol of the Pachacamac site museum, was reserved for senior priests who kept bowing and interpreted the oracles of divinity in old days. Fortunately it was not found by the profaners.