Tour to Maras – Saltmines – Moray 1 Day



Located west of Cusco Maras sits at an elevation of 3300 meters. From there you can truly appreciate the Urubamba range and the snow-capped peaks of “La Veronica”(ele. 5682m)and “El Chikon”(ele. 5530m). Maras took on an important role when the Incan nobility was forced to abandon their palaces in “el Qosqo” and reestablish themselves in smaller villages outside the city. In Maras you will see an adobe church in typical small-town religious architecture. The church itself houses many canvas paintings of the Cusqueno School.


We now proceed to Salineras, located 7km from Moray and northwest of the village of Maras. The famous “Salineras”, or salt mines, are some 3000 small wells or pits built on the side of the mountain named “Qaqawinay”. Even during times of drought saltwater emanating from natural springs fill the wells every 3 days. Through a gradual process of evaporation drying over approximately 30 days the wells provide quantities sufficient to supply Cusco.


The archeological complex at Moray is unique in its genre. You will see enormous natural depressions, circular in shape, into the sides of which were constructed contoured terraces or platforms complete with their own irrigation canals. Of particular interest is the significant difference in the annual average temperature between the top and bottom of the depressions. Because of its climate and other characteristics, Moray was an important agricultural center for the domestication and hybridization of wild vegetation, here adapted and modified for human consumption and or use.


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